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July 2nd, 2015 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 3 | 19 Comments

A good while back, I posted about how ROM hackers managed to extract MOTHER 3’s music data in a way that removes the “fuzziness” of playing it on the Game Boy Advance. You can read all about that here.

Anyway, there used to be a big torrent file with all this music, but it’s since disappeared. So a reader named Jaco sent this in a while back:

I searched the site and found a page where there was a link to the Mother 3 soundfont and midis in a torrent file. the link was broken im pretty sure. but a fellow on youtube has redone every song in crisp quality i just thought maybe this was newsworthy, maybe not. either way i thought this guy deserves a mention.

First Playlist:

Second Playlist:

If you’ve never heard this high-quality MOTHER 3 music before, definitely check it out! And if anyone knows where there’s a download link for the full set, let me know!


July 1st, 2015 | MOTHER 1, Videos | 11 Comments

You might’ve seen the English-language promo video for EarthBound Beginnings already, but if you haven’t, here it is:

And here’s a look at the Japanese promo video, which I’d never seen before until now:

Which one do you like better?

Thanks to Speedy_Fox_IV for letting me know about the Japanese video!


June 30th, 2015 | EarthBound, Itoi, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3, Videos | 1 Comment

We held another EarthBound Central Live stream last night, and it was lots of fun! If you missed it, don’t worry – you can now watch it on YouTube here!

There was almost an unintended theme to this episode – lots of fans had sent in e-mails about reproduction cartridges, how to spot legitimate EarthBound cartridges, EarthBound prototype cartridges, EarthBound Zero prototype cartridges, and more. So if you’d like to learn more about all that stuff, this is probably right up your alley!

For convenience, I’ve listed links to specific topics below. There were so many topics during the Q&A segment that I haven’t included links to each individual one, but if you get a chance, the gameplay segment of the episode is when the Q&A happens.

Recent News

E-mails from Readers / Viewers (e-mail backlog count: 874)

Playing EarthBound Stuff + Q&A

If you missed out on this week’s show but want to be there for the next one, here are some handy links!

Next week we’re going to continue with the Japanese Wii U version of MOTHER and finally see for ourselves if the dungeon there is the original complicated Famicom maze, or the simplified GBA/English maze!

See you next game!



June 29th, 2015 | Interviews, Itoi | 7 Comments


During last year’s MOTHER 3 translation notes & beta testing streams, we talked occasionally about Shigesato Itoi and how he’s been doing all sorts of projects to help restore the areas of Japan affected by the 2011 tsunami and ensuing disasters.

And one of those projects involves building tree houses! If this is news to you, you can read all about it in this translated interview here!



June 28th, 2015 | EarthBound, Events, Images | 4 Comments

A couple readers let me know yesterday that the Too Many Games convention being held this weekend has a very strong EarthBound theme to it! In fact, the website itself is EarthBound themed right now:


And here are some photos from the event itself that people have sent my way:





Cool stuff! It’s a fun time to be a fan – EarthBound stuff seems to be going on everywhere lately!


June 27th, 2015 | Images, MOTHER 1 | 27 Comments

Over on the Pixel Paint Miiverse, StarmanAlx posted three renditions of what EarthBound Beginnings might’ve looked like as a Game Boy game:




I’m always amazed at how Miiverse artists can draw with such fine detail! Is there some sort of special way to draw pixel art like this, or is it all just using a steady hand?

In any case, great work StarmanAlx!

…Now I wonder if any Game Boy homebrew people might try to get something like this running 😛


June 26th, 2015 | EarthBound, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3, Videos | 2 Comments

A few days ago we had another EarthBound Central Live stream, but so much has been EarthBound stuff has happening that I haven’t had time to talk about it until now!

One of the big highlights was the second half of the stream, when we started playing the Japanese Wii U version of MOTHER to see how it’s different from the Famicom version, the GBA version, AND the English version. It’s a weird hybrid of its own!

If you missed this week’s stream, don’t worry – you can see it all here:

For easy reference, here are links to specific topics. There was so much discussion during the gameplay/Q&A session that it’d take me hours to compile it all here, though 😛

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E-mails from Readers / Viewers

Playing EarthBound Stuff + Q&A

If you missed out on this week’s show but want to be there for a future one, here are links to help you on your way!

See you next game!



June 25th, 2015 | MOTHER 3, Smash Bros., Videos | 12 Comments

The other day I posted about MOTHER 3 and EarthBound stuff mods for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Now a new fan creation now allows Lucas to do the Wess dance from MOTHER 3 as a taunt!

The taunt seems to have offensive capabilities too, although the dance is so long that I wonder if it’s actually useful for normal battle situations.

Here’s a better look at Lucas doing the dance, too:

I seriously have no idea how fans are able to pull this stuff off. Amazing work!


June 24th, 2015 | EarthBound, Interviews, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3 | 46 Comments


In a recent interview with Kotaku, Reggie Fils-Aime discussed the EarthBound series – and MOTHER 3 – a little bit more! Here are key snippets from it:

Fils-Aime, in reference to MOTHER 3: “Look, again, I think this is an example that demonstrates we’re constantly listening. We’re hearing what the fans say. And we thought it was great to bring back the very first Mother, Earthbound Beginnings here in the market. It’s been out for sale and doing quite well in the eShop. Again, we’ll never say never, but there’s nothing to announce right now.”


Fils-Aime: “The Mother/Earthbound series is quite niche. And so for us it’s constantly thinking about the investment and then return for a game like that. There is quite a bit of localization to be done and we just need to make sure that volumetrically there’s enough volume to offset that investment.”

Totilo: “Is it safe to assume that you guys are pretty happy with how Earthbound was received last year and that helped motivate and get Mother 1 out?”

Fils-Aime: “That’s exactly right.”

You can read the full article here.

The giddy EarthBound fan in me wants to read too much into what he’s saying, especially the “for now” part, but the logical side of me says that he’s saying what he’s said for years and years. Here’s Reggie in 2006 saying “not yet” to plans for MOTHER 3, for example:

This “not yet” actually got LOTS of fans excited back then, and he’s said the same thing almost every time since then. But, given all the recent circumstances, even I’m starting to feel more optimistic about an official MOTHER 3 release this time!

Reggie mentioned that there’s a lot of localization to do… which is precisely why I made my offer to Nintendo a good while back. If it turns out to be too costly to localize MOTHER 3 because they’re not sure that “volumetrically there’s enough volume to offset that investment”, then my offer for Nintendo to use my translation materials for free still stands. I’d of course sign whatever legal documents are necessary, and I’d even offer to edit, fix, or alter anything necessary for free. I’d even offer to act a as a consultant for free, as long as it helps an official translation of the game get released. I’m a professional translator and have been in this line of work for 13 or 14 years now.

It’s common for Nintendo to hire other translation companies like 8-4 to handle game localization when Nintendo’s localization department is already too swamped to handle more work. If that’s ever a consideration or the case with MOTHER 3, my offer to assist stands – whether it’s with Nintendo or anyone else, I’m willing to help in any way to ensure the game gets an official translation, whether it’s by offering my already-translated materials outright or in some sort of other capacity.

Like I’ve said before and during pretty much every EarthBound Central Live stream, I understand there’s like a 0.001% chance of the offer ever being accepted. It HAS happened in the past with other companies and other games, but I don’t expect it of Nintendo. Still, I just wanted the offer to be out there in case the fate of a MOTHER 3 release ever came down to a budget, time, or manpower problem. And given that’s what Reggie mentioned in this interview, that does seems to be a concern.

In any case, if or when an official MOTHER 3 translation ever gets released, I hope fans will rally around it the same way fans have been rallying around EarthBound Beginnings. That’s why the fan translation disclaimer has been saying this since Day 1:


Having an unofficial translation is one thing, but having an actual, official release that will support the creators and developers directly while also avoiding the shadiness of ROMs and flash carts (and especially the ensuing reproduction scene) would be much nicer, you know? Plus it would open up even more opportunities, like more official MOTHER 3 merchandise being released outside of Japan.

Whatever happens, my hopes are a little higher now!


June 23rd, 2015 | MOTHER 1 | 18 Comments

I shared this on last night’s Earthbound Central Live stream, but here it is again: EarthBound Beginnings has reached #1 on the Wii U’s recent sales rankings!

us wii u sales charts earthbound beginnings

It almost feels surreal to see a two decade-old, previously-unreleased NES game dethroning a completely brand-new Nintendo IP. Is this real life?

The above picture is from the North American Wii U sales charts, but EarthBound Beginnings is also #1 elsewhere, including the EU Wii U sales charts:

earthbound wii u sales ranking uk

Pretty cool stuff!

For those who are curious, here’s a look at the Japanese Wii U charts right now too:

japanese wii u sales charts earthbound beginnings

Thanks to everyone who’s shared this info with me or elsewhere online, and thanks to Sam for sending me the EU photo!



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